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About Marianne

About Marianne
Marianne Mol lives and works in Lochem, The Netherlands, but her paintings have an emanation far across the borders.
She doesn't paint conflicts, but raises questions in her work.
There is not any sign of restlessness, but surely a lot of suspense.
Each painting is completely different from the other one and at the same time it is so recognizebly her work. With a complete own identity, her signature, characterized by an intense energy.
A personal rhythm, a more perceptible than visible coherence.

And that light.
The light varies in just so many wonders as there are paintings.
Fulfilling the subject with light.
Marianne Mol paints relations. But certainly not only that: what she is painting, has painted, happens.
Her work inserts the rhythm of life as well as the artist's and by that the spectator, at that happy moment even a seer, recognizes, knows these metaphors, these scenes.
Marianne Mol wants to touch the spectator in a disarming move, to let him put away his pose, to give him some rest, to dwell a moment on himself.

Marianne Mol exhibited in several locations, as there are Antwerpen, Emmeloord, Maarsbergen, Zwolle.
Now she almost always exhibits her paintings exclusively in her own 'Gallery Artstock', Nieuwstad 26, Lochem.
Paintings are and will be bought by individuals as well as by industries and institutions.
Marianne Mol
Nieuwstad 26
7241 DP  Lochem
telefoon: 0031-6-21190363
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